Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Denver's Best Wedding DJs

Make Your Wedding Reception Entertainment a Priority

Finding a great wedding DJ doesn't have to be a chore. But it should be a priority. Every year Thousands of "brides to be" neglect the entertainment and lighting for their event as an afterthought and instead spend most of their wedding planning time and money focused on little things they think are going to make a huge impact on their wedding night.

Don't Neglect Choosing A Great DJ And Entertainer For Your Event

Brides take a while choosing their dress, going to cake tastings, choosing color palettes, specific flowers, decorations and theming their wedding. Little do they realize that they tend to skim over bigger factors like the entertainment and lighting which usually turns out to be one of the biggest factors responsible for the success of a wedding reception. Lighting can change a room more than almost any decoration ever can and the music played at your event will set the mood for the entire reception.

Wedding DJ and Lighting Platinum Level Package with Added Fogger

Your DJ is There To Make Your Event Fun And Keep It Organized

Your Wedding DJ is there to entertain all your guests and keep them happy, to make your event fun. They also keep your event organized, taking care of announcements, coordinating with your planner, the venue management and other vendors to keep the timeline moving along. You want a professional DJ taking care of this for you and you want your DJ to be a fun and exciting DJ as well. that's where Denver's Best DJs Come in!

Ever Wonder What Happens To A Wedding When You Don't Hire Denver's Best DJs?

We've seen our fair share of weddings, most of the times we are the DJs for many of them but occasionally we end up as attendees to weddings with either other DJs or (gasp) without a DJ at all.

There are other great DJs out there and we've seen a few do a good job here and there but we've also seen the opposite, weddings where the bride or groom or the guests say we should have had you as our DJ. The usual reason for not using us in those cases was because "The Venue already is providing a DJ"

Now picture this, in those situations they usually charge you an arm and a leg for their DJ, but by rolling it into the overall price it seems like a deal. Then they pay the DJ only a fraction of what they charged you for the DJ and you end up with a mediocre DJ. Now it seems like a deal until you realize their DJ bored the crowd, most of your guests left early and you end up with wasted food, wasted cake and wasted time on a venue for a party that ended way too early. That is when you realize all too late that the DJ is an important part of your event. That's when you realized you should have hired The Best DJs in Denver!

As bad as that can be, it's still better than the alternative of just plain not having a DJ at all. Trust us, we've actually seen this one only a few times but every single time it was horrible. Either they try to plug in an iPod and you hear random songs played from a less than stellar playlist or they have no music at all and people just talk for a little, sit, get bored or watch a football game on their iPads and leave early (yes, that actually happened one time members of the wedding party sat at one table and watched the Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks Game)

Let's make sure your wedding doesn't have weird shenanigans unless they're the kind you want ;) call Denver's Best DJs or email us now at 303-995-0875

Denver's Best Wedding DJs Purple Lighting and Dancefloor lights
Denver's Best DJs Wedding With Purple Up-Lighting
Some of the best DJs in Denver are waiting to take care of you. Make sure you book your DJ now or call us for a free consultation. 303-995-0875

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