Thursday, August 20, 2015

Listen for Yourself to Hear The Difference

What seperates a good DJ from a mediocre one? Or a Great DJ from a good DJ? Their overall skill level and of course their ability to not only read the crowd and mold the party into a fun event but their ability to do it smoothly and lively. When there is a huge gap between one DJ and the next you can hear the difference for yourself.,.

Here we offer you a chance to listen to one of our DJs mixes and watch crowds react to him, not just a video with a single random song playing as most DJ companies do, but a song mix of a few songs so you can hear the difference for yourself. We included video and picture footage from a few weddings as well so you can get a sense of what our parties are like and what our video and photography services are like as well.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

What Happens If You Don't Hire The Best DJs

We always suggest that you hire the best DJs you can afford. But we never really talk about what happens when you don't hire the best. And even worse what if you hired a lesser DJ but for more money? Well I can tell you now since I had to recently attend a wedding with my wife that was Deejayed by one of our competitors, now this competitor is ranked high on Denver's A-List but quite honestly I don't know why since they pretty much had a very cheesey playlist set up on auto mix. It's just one step above an Ipod wedding if you ask me, my wife or any of the other guests who apparently were so bored by the lack of entertainment that they actually started leaving around 9:30PM. Now that is BAD, because when I DJ a wedding they stay the entire night until they are basically told to leave, or they are exhausted from dancing. My parties last much closer to 11PM 11:30PM or Midnight or whatever hour they tell us we need to shut down.

The price mark for the DJ that drove people out by 9:30pm with added lighting package was $2000 for that particular night, The DJ himself was a good MC but a horrible DJ. This was a vietnamese wedding and they had hired a Band and a DJ probably because it was the same Band that we played with a few months earlier where our interaction with the Band kept the guests on the dancefloor but that dynamic wasn't there on this particular night because the DJ didn't know how to really build the dancefloor and keep it going.

My wife attended both events and as always she knows when I'm on the turntables there is a huge difference, People have more fun and end up staying longer and spending more time on the dancefloor whenever I play. The Band wanted to keep coming back out to take advantage of the huge crowd I had stirred up into a dancing frenzy... I guess the Bride and groom of the next party must have thought it was the band that did that since they kept wanting to hop on to take advantage of performing to a crowd I had built on the dance floor. But without me to build that crowd for them they did not receive the same success on this particular night. Sometimes people just don't realize what a huge difference a good DJ really makes. That's because they aren't used to seeing that many great DJs, they are used to dime a dozen DJs that all play in a similar boring fashion.

All my good friends and colleagues are great DJs we all know how to rock any party from start to finish and we all work our butts off to read the crowd and figure out what type of music works best for each particular crowd. This isn't a standard cookie cutter wedding DJ you find at most wedding DJ companies. We are the elite DJs in Denver and we're some of the best DJs around the world.

I personally get offended if no one is on the dancefloor, I consider it a challenge that I must win, I must force everyone I can onto the dancefloor as often as possible throughout the entire night... and keep them at your party the entire night. Making you have a great time and wearing you all out by literally forcing you to dance even if you usually don't...  That is my job! And I take pride in making that happen for every single wedding, nightclub event and private event that I DJ for.

Once people experience what it's like to party with me or my colleagues they finally get it, they finally realize that yes there does exist a completely different breed of DJ. A slew of pedigree DJs that out perform all other DJs out there. And whether you decide to upgrade your lighting package or not we'll still outshine any other DJs you may find. 

The Bottom Line: 

What happens when you don't Hire the best DJs and entertainers? Your party ends up dull, lacking energy and your guests end up leaving early. 

What Happens when you do hire the best DJs and entertainers? The Party has a great energy vibe, your guests are happy and entertained throughout the night and they stay and party with you til the very end. You paid the venue for the night, you paid the entertainers for the night you want your money's worth right? Then Hire the best to make that night last and make that night spectacular!

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Really Hot Wedding

No matter how much you scrutinize and plan for your wedding day there are just a few things that are always out of your control. For instance At a recent wedding on a very hot summer day here in Denver Colorado The restaurant venue the couple rented out ended up having their Air Conditioning break down on the weekend of the wedding. The restaurant tried to remedy the situation by setting up a few fans around the perimeter but the fans they used were subpar $10-20 box fans instead of picking  up a few more industrial type fans from a hardware store instead.

The venue held over 600 People on this particular night and the meal for the night was a full 7 course meal so you know the kitchen and people were all generating a ton of heat. It was a very uncomfortable wedding. Still, when you have one of the hottest DJs in the state at one of the hottest weddings people are going to dance regardless of the heat. It was a virtual sauna on the dancefloor for most of the night. It did cool off a little later in the evening once it hit around 10pm or so and the kitchen was no longer generating extra heat, but people were still sweating because they would not stop dancing.

I just hope the couple were reimbursed a good portion of the venue fee at least $1200 you know $2 per person for making everyone so uncomfortable.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Denver DMC Regional DJ Battle March 29th 2015

The DMC DJ Battle Championships are to DJs what the Olympics are to athletes. DJs around the world spend years perfecting their skills and months preparing the perfect battle routine in hopes of gaining the coveted title of DMC world Champion and a bunch of cool prizes including Mixers from Rane.

Before becoming a World Champion DJs compete in regional DJ Battles and Finals. There are over a dozen DMC regional battles all over the United States. There are also battles in other countries to determine their champions and figure out who will represent their respective countries in the World Finals.

On March 29th 2015, Rane in association with DMC and The Solution presents the 2015 DMC Denver Regional DJ Battle at Casselman's Bar and Grill. This yearly battle often brings out Denver's best and most talented DJs as well as DJs from other states all ready to show their skills and compete for the Denver Regional Champion title and a chance to move on to the US Finals. and hopefully the World Finals.

In 2011 Denver's own DJ Chris Karns (previously known as DJ Vajra) did just that and went on to win the World Championship title as well. This year Chris Karns returns as a Judge along with DJ Revolution, Teeko and DJ Chonz of the Radio Bums and KS1075. To break up the rounds the evnt will also feature live showcases by DJs Chris Karns, Teeko and Revolution.

DJs in the battle must first participate in a 2 minute battle routine elimination set and the top Six finalists will then compete against each other performing a six minute battle routine with the winner moving on to the 2015 US DMC Finals and being crowned Denver's Regional DMC Champion. The top 3 also receive cool prizes. The Champion will Receive a RANE mixer, prize packages from Shure, Ortophon and 12inchSkinz, a month membership to the Beat Junkies Record Pool and round trip flight and hotel reservations to the US Finals (location and date to be announced)

Were pretty sure last years winner DJ ShakeOne (Ever Lee Bustos) will be back again this year to compete along with many other of Denver's best and most talented DJs. Don't miss this major event! And DJS start getting ready for next year if you aren't in it this year. Lets GO!

DMC Denver Regional DJ Battle 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

St. Valentine's Day Engagement

With St. Valentine's Day around the corner Thousands of hopeful "grooms to be" have big plans to propose to the love of their lives this Valentine's day. Many will propose at a restaurant, some will have much more elaborate plans from boat rides, horseback rides and balloon rides to lavish trips around the world. A carefully planned surprise at work or a quite night at home, no matter where you decide to propose this Valentine's day the second she says yes the very next step (after your romantic evening is over of course) is to start the wedding plans.

Some couples get engaged an entire year or two prior to the wedding some are more ambitious and simply can't wait to get married and have a fast paced and exciting whirlwind wedding planing session that takes them from engagement to wedding bells within the scope of 1-4 months.  No Matter which category you and your fiance fall into one of the most important decisions for the wedding reception is often the most overlooked, the choice of entertainment for the night.

Thousands of brides every year stress over every minute detail of how their wedding and reception will look but always forget to concentrate the same efforts on how it will sound, how it will feel and ultimately how much fun their guests will have at their wedding.

Great entertainment at a wedding makes it much more fun for all the guests involved

One of the first steps in achieving a super fun wedding is hiring the best entertainment. Once you have that in place you can move on to additional entertainment options like adding a Photo Booth, something relevant to your own interests like a rock climbing wall, a caricature artist, ice sculptures, water color artist to paint a few of the scenes of the night, a giant chess set (which also makes for great pictures), Horse back riding Go Carts etc... Just depends on your own favorite activities and on the location, the space allotted at your wedding venue and your own wedding theme.

Weddings are much more fun when everyone is out of their seats dancing
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The eternal hand in the air is always a sign of a great Wedding DJ

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Sometimes a spontaneous conga line just materializes out of nowhere

Intimate moments caught by our own Camera. Yes we also do wedding photography

Dancing is a must when you have a great DJ at your wedding