Thursday, August 20, 2015

Listen for Yourself to Hear The Difference

What seperates a good DJ from a mediocre one? Or a Great DJ from a good DJ? Their overall skill level and of course their ability to not only read the crowd and mold the party into a fun event but their ability to do it smoothly and lively. When there is a huge gap between one DJ and the next you can hear the difference for yourself.,.

Here we offer you a chance to listen to one of our DJs mixes and watch crowds react to him, not just a video with a single random song playing as most DJ companies do, but a song mix of a few songs so you can hear the difference for yourself. We included video and picture footage from a few weddings as well so you can get a sense of what our parties are like and what our video and photography services are like as well.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

What Happens If You Don't Hire The Best DJs

We always suggest that you hire the best DJs you can afford. But we never really talk about what happens when you don't hire the best. And even worse what if you hired a lesser DJ but for more money? Well I can tell you now since I had to recently attend a wedding with my wife that was Deejayed by one of our competitors, now this competitor is ranked high on Denver's A-List but quite honestly I don't know why since they pretty much had a very cheesey playlist set up on auto mix. It's just one step above an Ipod wedding if you ask me, my wife or any of the other guests who apparently were so bored by the lack of entertainment that they actually started leaving around 9:30PM. Now that is BAD, because when I DJ a wedding they stay the entire night until they are basically told to leave, or they are exhausted from dancing. My parties last much closer to 11PM 11:30PM or Midnight or whatever hour they tell us we need to shut down.

The price mark for the DJ that drove people out by 9:30pm with added lighting package was $2000 for that particular night, The DJ himself was a good MC but a horrible DJ. This was a vietnamese wedding and they had hired a Band and a DJ probably because it was the same Band that we played with a few months earlier where our interaction with the Band kept the guests on the dancefloor but that dynamic wasn't there on this particular night because the DJ didn't know how to really build the dancefloor and keep it going.

My wife attended both events and as always she knows when I'm on the turntables there is a huge difference, People have more fun and end up staying longer and spending more time on the dancefloor whenever I play. The Band wanted to keep coming back out to take advantage of the huge crowd I had stirred up into a dancing frenzy... I guess the Bride and groom of the next party must have thought it was the band that did that since they kept wanting to hop on to take advantage of performing to a crowd I had built on the dance floor. But without me to build that crowd for them they did not receive the same success on this particular night. Sometimes people just don't realize what a huge difference a good DJ really makes. That's because they aren't used to seeing that many great DJs, they are used to dime a dozen DJs that all play in a similar boring fashion.

All my good friends and colleagues are great DJs we all know how to rock any party from start to finish and we all work our butts off to read the crowd and figure out what type of music works best for each particular crowd. This isn't a standard cookie cutter wedding DJ you find at most wedding DJ companies. We are the elite DJs in Denver and we're some of the best DJs around the world.

I personally get offended if no one is on the dancefloor, I consider it a challenge that I must win, I must force everyone I can onto the dancefloor as often as possible throughout the entire night... and keep them at your party the entire night. Making you have a great time and wearing you all out by literally forcing you to dance even if you usually don't...  That is my job! And I take pride in making that happen for every single wedding, nightclub event and private event that I DJ for.

Once people experience what it's like to party with me or my colleagues they finally get it, they finally realize that yes there does exist a completely different breed of DJ. A slew of pedigree DJs that out perform all other DJs out there. And whether you decide to upgrade your lighting package or not we'll still outshine any other DJs you may find. 

The Bottom Line: 

What happens when you don't Hire the best DJs and entertainers? Your party ends up dull, lacking energy and your guests end up leaving early. 

What Happens when you do hire the best DJs and entertainers? The Party has a great energy vibe, your guests are happy and entertained throughout the night and they stay and party with you til the very end. You paid the venue for the night, you paid the entertainers for the night you want your money's worth right? Then Hire the best to make that night last and make that night spectacular!

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