Wednesday, February 11, 2015

St. Valentine's Day Engagement

With St. Valentine's Day around the corner Thousands of hopeful "grooms to be" have big plans to propose to the love of their lives this Valentine's day. Many will propose at a restaurant, some will have much more elaborate plans from boat rides, horseback rides and balloon rides to lavish trips around the world. A carefully planned surprise at work or a quite night at home, no matter where you decide to propose this Valentine's day the second she says yes the very next step (after your romantic evening is over of course) is to start the wedding plans.

Some couples get engaged an entire year or two prior to the wedding some are more ambitious and simply can't wait to get married and have a fast paced and exciting whirlwind wedding planing session that takes them from engagement to wedding bells within the scope of 1-4 months.  No Matter which category you and your fiance fall into one of the most important decisions for the wedding reception is often the most overlooked, the choice of entertainment for the night.

Thousands of brides every year stress over every minute detail of how their wedding and reception will look but always forget to concentrate the same efforts on how it will sound, how it will feel and ultimately how much fun their guests will have at their wedding.

Great entertainment at a wedding makes it much more fun for all the guests involved

One of the first steps in achieving a super fun wedding is hiring the best entertainment. Once you have that in place you can move on to additional entertainment options like adding a Photo Booth, something relevant to your own interests like a rock climbing wall, a caricature artist, ice sculptures, water color artist to paint a few of the scenes of the night, a giant chess set (which also makes for great pictures), Horse back riding Go Carts etc... Just depends on your own favorite activities and on the location, the space allotted at your wedding venue and your own wedding theme.

Weddings are much more fun when everyone is out of their seats dancing
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The eternal hand in the air is always a sign of a great Wedding DJ

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Sometimes a spontaneous conga line just materializes out of nowhere

Intimate moments caught by our own Camera. Yes we also do wedding photography

Dancing is a must when you have a great DJ at your wedding