Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Great Halloween Party Starts With Great DJs

Throwing a great Halloween party requires a few things.

  1. The First Must have is a Great DJ for Halloween to lead all your guests through the crazy debauchery that is involved in a great Halloween Party. his is usually the one thing that will really make a party great the rest is really just icing on the cake. If you require a Great Halloween DJ in Denver or want to fly in a great DJ call 303-995-0875
  2. A Great Theme: Halloween by itself is already a theme so you can just throw a Halloween party but sometimes being more specific can help you produce a better Halloween party. It makes it easier to decorate your party if you have a specific theme in mind. Fun themes include Pirate party, Zombies and survivors, Heaven and Hell, Good Vs Evil, Fesh and Fantasy Ball, Devils and Angels, Evil or Sexy Disney Characters Party, Fetish Ball, Masquerade parties, Avengers Themed Halloween Party, Bollywood Halloween Party or just sexy and scary Halloween parties etc.
  3. A Great Flyer design That matches your theme: You can count on our friends at to take care of an amazing flyer design for your Halloween party or any party for that matter.
  4. Great Halloween Decor and Party Favors! A Halloween Party is always better if the location is decked out with great Halloween decor: Giant spider webs, Tombstones, scarecrows, spooky trees, spooky fences, giant animatronic monsters,  fog or mist machines, dry ice and great lighting effects etc always add an air of spookiness to the event

  5. Special Halloween Drink Specials like Hulk Bombs for Avengers Themed Halloween party or Frankenstein Bombs for classic Halloween parties.

  6. Special Halloween Hors D'oeuvres and Halloween snacks like Eyeball shaped treats, Torn Flesh looking treats, spider looking treats, Gummy worms etc...
  7. Awesome Party guests that all show up in great Halloween costumes! This part you can encourage by charging less for costumed guests that are dressed in your party's theme than those not in costume.
Let us know what themes, ideas and decor you like or what Halloween parties were the most memorable for you in the comments below! Hope you all have a great and safe Halloween!

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